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Nifty Corners Cube:

This technique was used on this website to round the corners of many of elements layed out on the site. It was also used to maintain equal height between the sidebar on the left and the main content area on the right. This technique was outlined by Alessandro Fulciniti on his Nifty Corners Cube website. Use of these techniques were for free. Nifty Corners Cube are released under the GNU GPL license and were published on 22 March 2006 both in Italian and English.


This technique was outlined by Raphael GOETTER on the Alsacréations website. I first found the techniques on the Listomatic website. This website is a compilation of public technical information on creating and using lists on websites. The techniques were provided free of charge. I want to thank them for making this information available. It has been very helpful for the creation of the menus used on this site.


This javascript technique and many more are available free online at The JavaScript Source web site. This particular script was created by: Philip Myers.


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